Services In Bardstown

Services in Bardstown, KY

Residential Moving

Lynn Moving and Storage specialize in local, long distance and international residential moving. Learn more about our residential moving services in Bardstown, Kentucky.

Local Moving Services

A residential move is considered Local if under 30 miles. Local moves are priced at an hourly rate. Learn more about our local moving services in Bardstown, Kentucky.

Long Distance Moving

When you’re leaving Bardstown KY and need long distance movers to handle the relocation, Lynn Moving and Storage. Learn more about our long distance moving services in Bardstown, Kentucky.

Storage Services

If you’re moving and have a lot of household goods to transport and not a lot of time until you move, you may want to consider placing some items in storage until they’re ready to be transported. Learn more about our storage services in Bardstown, Kentucky.

Packing Services

Some organized, ambitious spirits enjoy the task of gathering up all of their belongings and packing them neatly into boxes, but if you’re not one of these lucky few, packing might be the last thing you want to do. Learn more about our packing services in Bardstown, Kentucky.

Corporate Relocation

Whether you’re moving the newest member of your team or relocating your entire organization, Lynn Moving and Storage offers you the latest in logistics, technology and communication. Learn more about our corporate relocation services in Bardstown, Kentucky.

Office and Commercial Moving

Moving an office or corporate setting requires much more planning than a residential move, and Lynn Moving and Storage can help. Learn more about our office and commercial moving services in Bardstown, Kentucky.

Senior Relocation

Moving is a stressful task for anyone, but moving day can be especially tough for seniors. Learn more about our senior relocation services in Bardstown, Kentucky.

Apartment Moving

Don’t let the hassle of moving into an apartment or condo diminish your excitement to move in the first place. We are proud to offer full-scale apartment moving services in Bardstown. Learn more about our apartment moving services in Bardstown, Kentucky,

Vehicle Transportation

Moving your furniture and belongings across the country is already difficult, but moving your vehicle across long distance is another story entirely. We are proud to offer vehicle transportation services in Bardstown to make your long distance move much easier. Learn more about our vehicle transportation services in Bardstown, Kentucky.

Home Staging Services

Your team at Lynn Moving and Storage knows that the first step to a successful move starts with a successful home sale. We’re here to help make that happen by providing our unique Storage to Staging service to all of our clients. Learn more about our home staging services in Bardstown, Kentucky.

International Moving

We are proud to offer full-scale residential, corporate, and government international moving services in Bardstown. Learn more about our international moving services in Bardstown, Kentucky.